An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration.

An idol
An idol

An idol in the heart of a person who exemplifies the inspiration.Daniel Liebers Keane Polish-American architect who thinks that “Architecture is a Language” is “Architecture is the language of connecting the people of this world”. Leberskean’s work is therefore to create a place where stories can be told. More than just building a building, such as the Jewish Museum Building, the award-winning work of Lebersekeind’s Jewish Museum. It was built as a museum to tell the story of the loss and the history of more than 2 thousand years of the Jews in Germany. And so impressive that it became one of Berlin’s most famous architecture.

Liebers Keand built the museum building with a zigzag shape. The external surface is a zinc metal. Looking at the building’s enclosures and openings, it is like a beating wound. Like the painful scars of the Jews There is only one entrance and one has to go underground. Inside, the building is filled with narrow, tall and empty corridors, the highlight of which is the Holocaust Tower, a narrow, triangular room with a single light. To media and simulate the Holocaust event that the Jews died in the war.  สถาปนิก

Korean series worth watching Netflix, VIU, IQIYI update April – May 2021


Korean series worth watching Netflix, VIU, IQIYI update April – May 2021 Add another one that is equally worth watching is The Silent Sea, a horror, mystery, sci-fi series based on the short film entitled The Sea of ​​Tranquility (2014) directed by Choi Hang- yong tells the story of a future world lacking food and drinking water. A special agent is sent to collect a mysterious sample from a lunar research station, with Gong Yoo playing Han Yoon Jae, head of the mission’s mission, Bae Duna plays Song Ji An, a space biologist, and Lee Joon takes on. Chapter Ryu Tae Suk, Chief Engineer who is a key member of the Ministry of Defense. ดูหนังออนไลน์

Korean series worth watching Netflix, VIU, IQIYI update April – May 2021

Korean series
Korean series

Korean series worth watching Netflix, VIU, IQIYI update April – May 2021 It has started the new year 2021 for a while. Great Real Estate

Title: Sell Your Haunted House / 대박 부동산 / Great Real Estate / The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate / Daebak Real Estate

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Number of episodes: 16 episodes

Director: Park Jin Suk

Writer: Ha Soo Jin, Lee Young Hwa, Jung Yeon Seo

Broadcast channel: KBS

Release Date: 14 April 2021 – 3 June 2021

Day-time in Korea: Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Plot of Great Real Estate:

The fantasy comedy Great Real Estate tells the story of Hong Ji Ah (Jang Nara), the CEO of real estate brokerage Daebak Real Estate, which provides residential ghost removal services before handing over their homes to. Customer She inherited the magician talent from her mother, and Oh In Bum (Jung Yong Hwa), he is a scammer who uses ghosts to earn money. Hong Ji Ah and Oh In Bum work together to uncover the secret behind her mother’s death 20 years ago.  ดูหนังออนไลน์

3 Best Movies of 2017

The Lure

The Lure

The Lure Fantasy world’s honor season wins may have proclaimed the arrival of the Hollywood melodic. Yet as far as resourcefulness. Energy and sheer eye-popping strangeness. It can’t measure up to The Lure. Clean chief Agnieszka Smoczynska’s wackadoo import is a natural dramatization about a youthful couple conflicted between singular dreams and expert longings. The contort being that these heroes (Marta Mazurek and Michalina Olszanska) are mermaid man-eaters sashaying through the undesirable men’s club underside of 1980s Warsaw. Like the marvelous love offspring of Amèlie’s Jean-Pierre Jeunet and The Fly’s David Cronenberg—besides with a considerable amount really singing and moving from its fantastical femme fatales—Smoczynska’s knockout presentation graphs its oceanic fantasy animals as they become famous as a pop team known as “The Lure,” en route beginning to look all starry eyed at and biting on clueless (male and female) casualties. A sexually open Little Mermaid-via vampire horrorshow scored to unique New Wave-y tunes, it truly resembles nothing you’ve at any point seen previously.

Icaros: A Vision

Icaros: A Vision (2016) | MUBI

An excursion into the profound. Dull districts of the Amazonian wild. Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi’s Icaros: A Vision follows an American plagued by a disease to the Peruvian wilderness looking for ayahuasca—a hallucinogenic plant. that alongside therapeutic serenades known as “icaros,” is utilized by local people to cure psyche, body, and soul. Being taken care of by Shipibo shamans. She and different patients adventure openly among clear and illusory states, thus also does the film. Which continues in a sideways, waking-dream style. Shot on the spot at a local area retreat (and, momentarily. At a lodging that was included in Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo), this interesting exertion is an on the other hand hopeful and miserable gander at the continuous conflict of worldwide societies. Also, it’s one supported by its consistent combination of different powers—man and nature. The cutting edge and the antiquated, the West and the East, the physical and the ethereal, and, at last, the genuine and stunning.



The Lure

After three reality-based character shows. Norwegian chief Joachim Trier takes a turn for the otherworldly with Thelma. A sort piece about a young lady with unholy powers—though one that actually plays in a quite Trier-ian register. The Carrie-ish main focus here is Eili Harboe’s Thelma. Whose takeoff to school flashes dread in the hearts of her oppressive strict guardians (Henrik Rafaelsen. Ellen Dorrit Petersen), and before long prompts a heartfelt connection with cohort Anja (Kaya Wilkins). Maybe than bringing her tranquility. Nonetheless, Thelma’s sensations of want and envy go about as flashes for her unnatural capacities. And their development before long pushes the procedures into an overwhelming domain between enabling transitioning adventure and irate god bad dream. Cold yet close. Serene yet nerve-wracking, Trier’s tastefully smooth (and flashback-peppered) film won’t set simple answers about Thelma’s real essence. Rather taking a vague viewpoint on its unstable subject. In doing as such. It conveys an evil chill that is difficult to shake. ดูหนังออนไลน์ hd



THE BEST X-Men Days of Future Past MOVIES OF THE DECADE Back to the future + Avengers + Inception This movie contains a mixture Movies adapted from entertainment cartoons should have The rhythm is not so fast, but it emphasizes the emotional flow, has a thrilling scene, looks fun from start to finish, gets into the story quickly. , Using time to introduce dramas quickly and cleverly, have memorable scenes, have a story that is not too easy enough for the viewer to get some ideas And having a character who has to judge something that is important all the time ดูหนังออนไลน์

5 Movies That Were Way Weirder Than Advertised

Film advertising can be a weird monster. Trailers, banners and other such special materials exist to give potential watchers a feeling of what’s in store from the film being referred to, both as far as tone and substance.


Drive On paper

On paper Nicolas Winding. Refn’s 2011 film Drive seems like the least complex activity thrill ride you could envision. Ryan Gosling stars as an expert stand-in who moonlights. As an escape driver, however when the work gets individual, the youthful superstar is out for retribution.

As is practically the norm, the trailer cuts together scraps from the most activity stuffed minutes in the film: vehicle pursues. Touchy crashes, clench hand battles, firearm shots. Alongside this, it brags numerous lines exchange from Gosling, which appears to be reasonable enough given he’s the lead.

The issue is, this gives the feeling that Drive is only rapid activity. With an intense talking heartfelt saint. Indeed things, carry out at a substantially more lazy speed with far more prominent accentuation on character than rushes and spills. That, yet the trailer appears to have used about 75% of Gosling’s discourse in the film, as his anonymous character scarcely. At any point talks by any means.

This promoting confusion caused issues down the road for Drive, as – in one of the more amusing claims in ongoing memory – a displeased American cinemagoer attempted to sue, contending the advertising had proposed it would be more Fast and Furious than moderate and dismal.

Drag Me To Hell

Film advertising can be a weird monster.

For a long time presently, there’s been. An inclination to sell each new blood and gore flick that tags along as the most staggeringly unnerving thing you’ll. At any point see. Adequately reasonable, given that blood and gore flicks ordinarily rely on being terrifying. However frequently, there’s significantly more to the image.

This was unquestionably with Drag Me To Hell. Chief Sam Raimi’s 2009 re-visitation of the class in which he made his name. Alison Lohman stars as a young lady who winds up reviled, with three days to save herself before she is sentenced to unceasing condemnation.

Without a doubt, it sounds vile, and the promoting hyped that point. In any case, any individual who’s seen the Evil Dead motion pictures can reveal to you that Sam Raimi isn’t one for playing his alarms absolutely straight. In any case, after the trailer guaranteed a genuine terrifying film, numerous watchers were distracted when the film end up being a substantially more flippant, droll undertaking.

From Lohman’s overstated vehicle seat a conflict with Lorna Raver joining writing material and dentures. To Raver heaving parasites and pushing her entire clench hand straightforwardly into Lohman’s mouth, the vast majority of Drag Me To Hell’s set pieces are played as much for giggles as alarms.

This wasn’t what a large portion of the crowd expected. Which may clarify why the film failed to meet expectations in the cinema world, yet cheerfully its standing has filled in the years since.


Film advertising can be a weird monster.

2003’s Hulk resembled a slam dunk. Coming hot closely following X-Men and Spider-Man, Marvel funnies variations were quickly arising as the flood of things to come, so a big screen excursion for the green goliath was the following sensible advance.

In any case, scarcely any were ready for exactly how bizarre a film Hulk ended up being. Chief Ang Lee hadn’t wandered into blockbuster domain previously, and his endeavors to adjust character-based show with breathtaking activity were a gnawed off the imprint. Numerous watchers were alarmed to see the title character doesn’t show up until partially through.

However regardless of Lee’s accentuation on the dramatization, he went to torments to catch a comic book feel, yet in an exceptionally weird and likely misinformed way: by in a real sense embeddings comic book style outlines and odd picture freezes into the shots.

On the off chance that this hadn’t effectively put watchers off enough, we should not begin on the amazingly weird and strange peak in which, truth be told, I actually have no clue about what was happening.

Little miracle, at that point, that Marvel decided to play things a lot more secure with 2008’s semi-reboot The Incredible Hulk, which took care of into the MCU model we know and love today.

Observe And Report

The 2000s saw Seth Rogen arise as one of the most blazing new satire stars around. Thumped Up, Superbad and Pineapple Express settled the Canadian entertainer and essayist as an expert of stoner humor with a loveable persona.

So when Rogen’s 2009 film Observe and Report showed up, giving him a role as a shopping center safety officer with a swelled feeling of direction, crowds without a doubt expected something in much a similar vein, especially given that the movie arrived around the same time as Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The film’s advertising never really propose something else.

Nonetheless, author chief Jody Hill’s film is significantly hazier than its exposure and its driving man’s persona may have inferred. Rogen’s safety officer Ronnie isn’t only a benevolent simpleton, he’s hazardously misdirected and battling with bipolar turmoil. On edge to win him the affection for Anna Faris’ make-up counter chaperon Brandi, he’s gotten focused on chasing down a flasher who’s been threatening the shopping center.

The envelope-pushing humor incorporates the racial profiling an Arabic retailer, peeping on ladies in the fitting room, pummeling young skaters, and maybe most famously a sexual moment which in all likelihood comprises date assault.

It’s not very amazing, at that point, that Observe and Report wrapped up Rogen’s first genuine film industry flop, despite the fact that it could merit returning to in the event that you have the stomach for it. ดูหนังออนไลน์ใหม่

Crimson Peak

The name of Guillermo del Toro has consistently been inseparable from the extraordinary. All of the Mexican chief’s movies has here and there included beasts and the horrifying. And subsequent to moving into science fiction activity with 2013’s Pacific Rim. 2015’s Crimson Peak appeared to guarantee a re-visitation of his old favorite spot.

Not all that much was generally thought. About Crimson Peak before discharge. other than that it was a Gothic period piece including apparitions. The film’s promoting didn’t uncover significantly more past this. Citing Mia Wasikowska’s discourse about having seen phantoms for her entire life. In a way that recommended the film would be another Sixth Sense. Studio Universal’s choice to deliver it close to Halloween advanced. The feeling that it was a blood and gore movie.

In any case. while apparitions are in reality. A component of Crimson Peak, they are in no way, shape or form the main impetus of the story. Del Toro had made less a standard chiller but rather more a pretentious Gothic drama. In the nineteenth century abstract custom; not a casing of reference that advanced multiplex crowds are fundamentally that acquainted with.

Accordingly, Crimson Peak left ghastliness fans disappointed and general crowds perplexed. In any case, del Toro would easily bob back with his next exertion, Oscar champ The Shape of Water.

House design elements A house for the general middle class

House design
House design

House design elements A house for the general middle class 50-150 square wa, often as housing that does not have quality

For example, kitchen, storage, garage, hot and uncomfortable. The house should be built for the happiness of the residents’ convention. And being human is to live together happily. Get in touch with nature And was in a good environment

1. The organization of the area is proportional.

Organizing the space within the home in proportion can reduce problems within the home, for example: Watching TV, listening to music, doing homework, sleeping, cooking, eating, socializing or saving energy when using air conditioning Or prevent disturbing sounds and smells Or prevent mosquitoes, areas that should be separated

2.Natural light

All areas are exposed to natural light to create a comfortable atmosphere. And reduce annoying and uneconomical lights off – on

Natural light should come from the upper part of the room for good diffusion and less glare, so the ceiling color should be a bright shade. If the color is too bright, it will be bright. Therefore should be slightly darker

3. Ventilation

Ventilation principle It should be performed as follows.

Gardening around the house By using a tree that has grown well Because of the cold from the trees In addition to being caused by the shade And evaporation of the water It is also caused by absorbing sunlight energy for photosynthesis.

Provide moderate ventilation around the house. So as not to be damp

If there is a well, prevent the evaporated water from entering the house.

Use ventilation With the lifting force of hot air And use transverse ventilation The high room will help to ventilate. And separate the hot air layer on top

Let the bathroom and kitchen stick outside the house. Bathroom doors use solid doors To prevent moisture entering the house

Using a fan to help, it’s already comfortable.

4. Air conditioning

Young generation Born in a hospital using car air conditioning Buildings and places are also air-conditioned. Which is why the house Especially the bedroom Which is the room where people spend the most time Use air conditioning most of the time.

Bedroom must therefore be designed in a cool room condition. Is that it has good heat insulation Therefore will use a small air conditioner Then so as not to waste power

The position of the cooler must not be disturbed and heat will not be returned to the chiller section. Must not blow onto the body to distribute the air well And easy to clean

At present, it is often used for bedroom air conditioners. Therefore, the bedroom must be designed to be well insulated against heat and moisture. So that the size of the air conditioner is small And cooling load during the day And at night is almost the same

5. Sound protection

Noise often comes from

Noise from the side of the house and from the street

In-house activities

Cooling machine


Therefore, the sound should be protected as follows

Use a window that is not directly exposed to outside noise.

Divide the area of ​​use in proportion

Partition the room wall, especially the bedroom with gypsum wall, using two separate beams and a space in the middle.

Set the cooler Does not let the noise of my own home And someone else’s house

Baffle bathroom wall, floor, ceiling And use a solid door

Characteristics of interior walls between bedrooms to prevent sound

6. Key room

Don’t forget to prepare these rooms.

Storage room

Cleaning room

Garbage room in front of the house

Covered garage ออกแบบบ้าน



更新了要观看的电影,新的Netflix系列。2021年4月 这些电影和电视剧已针对粉丝的流媒体发布日期进行了更新和安排。等待通过屏幕看到对方 在Netflix上有史以来保存最完好的Netflix电影中,不朽之作继续受到人们的追捧。那不如人类所期望的那样有效 因为它要付出的代价是过去的痛 经历过多次战争的不朽女战士安迪的故事。已有一千多年的历史了 和不朽的追随者 作为佣兵 谁在一起长期战斗 所有这些都具有力量 那可以治愈你自己的伤口 不管发生什么战争 还是一定要承受多少痛苦 也可以通过 直到军队追赶 带他们走 为了使用一些不朽的力量 所以她必须尽一切努力来制止 他们都必须沉浸在过去。这深深地根植在每个人的心中 与新神仙见面 为帮助 ดูหนังออนไลน์

Pros of hiring a contractor What are the advantages? It is very interesting.


Pros of hiring a contractor What are the advantages? It is very interesting. As for the advantages of hiring a contractor, it has its strengths. That is different from buying a prefabricated house For example

– Residents can expand more flexibly without high cost. But if choosing a house project, the residents have to pay separately for hiring other than the house price

– Residents can negotiate the price as appropriate. Unlike prefabricated houses we are not entitled in this field.

– Residents can check work at any time. Including choosing quality building materials to build a strong house Durable and beautiful

– Residents benefit in terms of prices because they are not very high. In particular, the contract will combine both wages and construction materials, allowing the residents to control their budget.

– Residents have the opportunity to adjust or correct work when errors occur immediately, such as cracked walls, floor tiles, falling off, etc.

– Residents get to live faster Because building a house in the form of a contractor, an expert technician will speed up to reduce costs, especially wages, as well as being able to create new jobs as well.

Therefore, the benefit of hiring a contractor Make the living both the employer and the employer receive the same benefits. Especially in the dimensions of building a good house Beautiful and safe รับออกแบบบ้าน

Coded Bias รหัสอคติ หนังน่าดู Netflix ซีรีส์เข้าใหม่ ประจำเดือนเมษายน 2021

Coded Bias
Coded Bias

Coded Bias รหัสอคติ หนังน่าดู Netflix ซีรีส์เข้าใหม่ ประจำเดือนเมษายน 2021 หนังสารคดีที่จะนำเสนอเรื่องราวตีแผ่ระบบอัลกอริทึ่ม

Coded Bias รหัสอคติ
รับชมได้วันที่ : 5 เมษายน 2564
เรื่องย่อ : หนังสารคดีที่จะนำเสนอเรื่องราวตีแผ่ระบบอัลกอริทึ่ม เทคโนโลยีตรวจจับใบหน้ามนุษย์ ซึ่งเป็นการค้นพบของนักวิจัย แห่งสถาบันมีเดียแล็บของสถาบันเทคโนโลยีแมสซาชูเซตส์ (MIT) สถาบันชั้นแนวหน้าของโลก ดูหนังออนไลน์